The Paper Street Soap Co.


Mike Woolnough: Guitars and Screaming

Eric Pecherkiewicz: Drums

Marc Sabo: Bass and Yelling

Incorporating jazz, funk, hardcore, death metal, african rhythms, and anything else they can get their hands on, The Paper Street Soap Co. have been creating music that expands the boundaries of what a metal band can be truly capable of. The band have released one album, entitled Cognitive Dissonance. Their second full length is pretty much finished except for some studio tweaking. At the beggining of 2010, The Co. decided to close it’s doors for good. We’d like to thank everyone who ever came to a show, gave us a show, showed us some love, bought a CD, asked for a free one, or let us practice in their house. It means the world to us and we will never forget it.

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Promises Meant Nothing
The Silent Revenge of the Good Guy
Kick The Door Down
As Seen on T.V. 
Twice Removed   

First album we ever did. The entire affair from recording to artwork assembly was done by one or more members of the band. DIY for life?




Oh Shit, It Really Happened! The Coalesce Board Band Compilation

Released by TIVS Indistries in 2004

Compilation featuring bands that had memebers posting on the Coalesce Message Board. Featured As Seen On TV from Cognitive Dissonance. Out of print.


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