Gozer Unleashed!

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Gozer’s new album is posted here. It’s only streaming right now. We will make it downloadable in a week or so. If you want a physical copy it will be $10. We are only taking orders for about a month so don’t sleep on this shit. We are not making extras either. Email me for details on that. We also might be getting a twitter account. More on that as it develops. In other news, our dude Cory/Kindergarten Hazing Ritual got their Fuck Capcom album released on Grindcore Karaoke. That is Jay Randall from from Agoraphobic Nosebleed’s record label. Check it out here (it is free) and while yer at it give the other releases a listen as well. It’s Jay fucking Randall. Dude obviously knows his shit. KHR also finally released Myspace is dead. Get that shit here. This should round up things for now. See you in the funny papers. -Marc


the comp is out there

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The first ever 37564 compilation has been released! Go get that sumbitch right here. Gozer and WRISTCUTRALLY have songs on this thing. “For Christmas I Got You A Restraining Order” is an entirely new song written by Gozer specifically for this compilation. “Cutting The Cord With A Chainsaw” is an alternate version of a song that will be on the upcoming “WARNING: PRODUCT MAY CONTAIN GOZER” full length. “Blue Waffle Coffee at Charbucks” marks the debut of WRISTCUTRALLY, the collaboration between yours truly and Corymonster from Kindergarten Hazing Ritual. I have not heard the song since I sent it back to Cory and I am really loving how it turned out. Hope you all do too. I have started laying out the next Gozer album and that will be much easier than I thought. Mike is tweaking the mix right now but so far, so good. Once that is released, Paper Street is up next. After that, who knows? Mike and I have been talking since the new project ended and we have a lot of ideas that we are really excited about. We are considering trying to squeeze out another release this year, but with my schedule and the backlog we have going on right now, im not sure how that is going to work. 2012 will definitely bring about a new gozer release. but more on that MUCH later. all for now. thanks for stopping bye-marc.


the invisibles




new crowbar



destroyer destroyer

from the archives

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Finally got the first W.O.T. album posted on bandcamp.  Also added a facebook page as well. Yep. Facebook pages for bands that no longer exist. Do i know how to party or what? All that info is under the W.O.T. link on the right. As I write this Gozer is getting ready to put the finishing touches on the full length and 2 new songs for the 37456 compilation. The comp drops the first week of March. The full length will get done when we get a round to it. We are busy people. More after this weekend’s recording session. Also, I had to put the kibosh on the new project. I am needed at home right now and that is where i have to direct my energies. Gozer will still be doing releases but as for a fully functional live band, I cannot do it right now. Peace.

re-evaluating goals

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Well, if i am going to be completely honest here, it looks like both the paper street and gozer releases probably are not going to happen until sometime next year. sucks, but there is just too much personal crap going on to squeeze it in before the end of 2010. That being said, I do think gozer will probably be recording before years end, as we are slated to appear on the upcoming 37564 compilation. It is only going to be one or two songs but new gozer material is always good. And that label is good people so we are happy to be associated with this release. In other news, we are offcially on last.fm. go here to check that out and add gozer to yer library and leave us a shout and whatever the hell else you do on that site. If yer not hip to last.fm, fix that shit now. it is kinda like pandora if pandora paid any respect to actual underground metal. OK, I think that is it for now. adios.-Marc

post vacation update

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As the title states, I have returned. France was amazing and I have been posting pictures fron the trip left and right on my facebook page. utterly mindblowing. we are already looking into a return trip. in respects to musical happenings. I have just finished the two WCR tracks cory sent me over the summer. I am beyond excited to have that wrapped up. They sound pretty good too. This project is shaping up to be very Godflesh-like, which is ok by me. The next big project i think will be putting the Paper Street stuff to rest. The way things are going tho, that will probably not happen until next year. $$$ is scarce right now. In Gozer related news, we will be recording two barnd new songs for the upcoming 37564 compilation. For those of you that don’t know, 37564 a net label run by my man cory from Kindergarten Hazing Ritual. Every band on the label is his and all of them are worth your time, so head here to check it out. The Gozer full length is still awaiting samples. Mike is handling that but he is in Hawaii right now doing that honeymoon thing. Congrats to him on that as he and his wife are awesome people. That will probably be some time next year as well. There might be some massive changes coming soon. I don’t really want to say more than that because I am not sure how certain things will pan out. But trsut me. This could be huge if it DOES fall into place. That is all. -Marc

Pre-vacation update

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Ok, im going to Paris for two weeks, so I am dropping a quick upate.  The Gozer shirts were a surprsing success and thanks to everyone who participated. Head over to the Gozer facebook profile to see everything. Note I said, FACEBOOK profile. When I return, I am deactivating all the myspace profiles. That place is deader than history and I do not have the time to be checking multiple profiles. Next project is the physical release of the final Paper Street CD. I’ve got something special planned for this and plan to start working on that right after I get back. The Gozer album will be dealt with after the Paper Street project. I know I said summer releases for both of these but…well…screw you. The new project has about 4 to 5 songs sketched out and we hope to start hammering those into final songs very shortly. We also lost a vocalist and still need a drumer. Mike and I are going back to handling screaming duties unless someone really wants to step up and take care of that for us. Interested drummers, get in touch. I would also like to take a moment and personally apologize to Cory for sleeping for so long on the last two WCR tracks he sent me. I plan to deal with those upon my return. I think that is all for now. Thanks for reading.

what’s up?

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Just a fast update. Got the preliminary mix on the Gozer full length and its pretty damn good. I am fairly certain this is getting pushed back to the fall. Gozer is also doing a limited edition shirt printing. I am doing all the work myself, so I will try and post pics so everyone can point and laugh while I struggle to get this done. Hoping to have that finished this month. The final mix of The Paper Street Soap Co. has been approved. I think this will be in the fall as well. I am probably going to do a shirt/cd combo offer so keep an eye out for that. The physical copies of the CD will be a fairly small run but as always it will be available for digital download on the bandcamp site. Cory sent me 2 new WCR tracks. Good stuff, I just do not know when I will be able to work with them with everything going on right now. I need to make that a priority. New project is going well. Three songs are half done and we still do not have a drummer. Any interested parties should contact me and I will give you more details there. I know I have not posted anything from the archives recently. I hope to get back to doing that once Paper Street and Gozer are officially wrapped up. That’s all for now. Hows the kids?