“Hollywood” Mike Miranda: High End Frequency Manipulation and Dramatic Exits

Lazlo Hollyfeld: Low End Frequency Manipulation and Answers

Bill Allen: High Speed Percussive Assaults and Bicycle Dancing

Gozer is A 3 piece grindcore outfit. We have released one full length CD and two split CDs. One with Kindergarten Hazing Ritual and one with Cock Vomit. Our second full length was released in June 2011.

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Oh Shit, It Really Happened! The Coalesce Board Band Compilation

Released by TIVS Indistries in 2004

Compilation featuring bands that had memebers posting on the Coalesce Message Board. Featured Me And A Hammer from Violence Is Golden. Out of print.


Violence  Is Golden

Self released in 2006


It’s Time To Start Slapping People                                                                                                                                                                              I Liked Our Relationship Better When We Weren’t On Speaking Terms
Too Many Heads, Not Enough Shovels
People Don’t Just Explode All Over Me In Jersey
Wait A Minute, That’s Not My Name!
I Prefer Talent
Sapce Rabies
The Best Part Is, That’s Someone’s Hat
I’m A Big Fan Of The Apocalypse
Too Little, Too Late
Me And A Hammer
Midget Fondue Gets Me Going
Desperation Goggles
I Like To Huff Gold Spray Paint
The Kill/You Suffer

Debut full-length. Only took us about 4 years to record and release it. I’m pretty sure this is out of print.


Einsteinium Records: Drum Machine Compilation #3

Released by Einsteinium Records in 2006

27 bands, 74 songs. All drum machine powered. We contributed one song from Violence Is Golden and one song from the Grind Theft Auto split. I believe copies are still available. Pretty essential if you are into e-grind.


Grind Theft Auto (split with Kindergarten Hazing Ritual)

Self released in 2007



The Twenty Note Burger Theory
Statement Of Intent
I Swear To God We Used To Be Friends
Grindcore Is A Chick Magnet
A Toilet With 500 Channels
Bruce Campbell Is God (Part 2)

Kindergarten Hazing Ritual:

A Glimpse At Capcom, Not Presenting
I Ain’t Saying Girl Gamers Are Gold Diggers…Oh Wait Yes I Am
Chest Tattoos Make For Easier Targets
Sucking Dick For Memory Cards
Capcom In The Process Of Not Presenting
Making The Eyeliner Wearing Cunt At Coldstone Strip For Her Tip
G4 Telethon To Feed Kristin “Skeletor” Holt
What’s NOT In The Works At Capcom
God’s In His Heaven, The Street Fighter Movie Doesn’t Exist And All Is Right With The World
Dr. Uwe Bol?
Capcom Did NOT Present The Street Fighter Movie (Again, It’s Not Real)
In Flames Should Do A Song With Ma$E
50 Cent Used To Play Goldar On The Power Rangers
If I Win The Lottery, Imma Pay Hot 97 To Play Our Shit
This Has NOT Been Presented By Capcom

Our half of this split was supposed to go to a split for Toilet Fleet Records, but that never panned out. So we sat on these things for a couple years. Once I decided to get serious about putting out the full-length, I also decided to do something with the split tracks. Tacking them on to the full length didn’t seem like the right answer, so we decided to do a split release. KHR were pretty much my first choice. They were one of the few bands that contacted us on myspace that I actually enjoyed and Cory is a bro from the Coalesce board. He agreed and the rest is history. There are two versions of this split, ours and KHR’s. Since Cory is in NY and we live in Ohio, getting together to decide on artwork would have been more hassle than it was worth, so we decided to do our own releases. If you got the CD from KHR, you got the CD slim case with the GTA themed artwork. If you got it from us, you got the monstrosity pictured above in a DVD case. In September 2011, Torn Flesh Records, did us a huge solid and re-released this split digitally. The download features BOTH halves of the split plus combined artwork from the original releases. The album can be downloaded for free here.

Gozer presents Pretty Much The Worst Split Ever Made/Cock Vomit presents A World Of Pain

Gozer/Cock Vomit split

Self released in 2010.



Happy Hands Club

There’s A Lot You Don’t know About Your Grandma

Pedro Offers You His Protection

The Rex Kwon Do Self Defense System

Tina, You Fat Lard

Always And Forever

Cock Vomit

What Do You Have To Say About it?

Am I The Only One Who Gives A Shit About The Rules?

Face Down In The Muck

It Really Tied The Room Together

Little Lebowski Urban Acheivers

Nice Marmant

Obviously You’re Not A Golfer

Keep Your Ugly Goldbricking Ass Out Of My Beach Community

The Ringer

We Believe In Nothing

Who The Fuck Is This Guy?

You Want A Toe, I’ll Get You A Toe

8 Year Olds Dude

Basically, this happened because I work with one of the guys in Cock Vomit. We always talked about doing this but it never happened for whatever reason. When Gozer started writing again, dude told me to put aside some song for the split. So we did. We had both just discovered Graf Orlock and he brought up doing the split cinema grind style. At first, I wasn’t too comfortable with biting their style so hard, but I figured screw it, its just one release. I can’t speak for CV, but our half was a lot of fun. As of this writing we feel the music we wrote for this is some of our best stuff, and stealing the Napoleon Dynamite dialogue and trying to match it up with the songs was a blast. Plus, the idea of screaming about the loch ness monster and how things are done in the gem state is pretty fucking funny.

Mad As A March Whore.: A 37564 Compilation

Released by 37564 Recordings.


For Christmas I Got You A Restraining Order

Cutting The Cord With A Chainsaw

37564 is the net label run by Cory from KHR. He was nice enough to let us get on this. For christmas.. is a new song especially for the comp. Cutting is a reworked version of the song of the same name that eventually appeared on “Warning”. (different samples and slight editing to accomodate new samples).

WARNING: Product May Contain Gozer



We Just D0n’t See Eyes To Eye

Attack Helicopter VS Kardashians

Now You Fucked Up

Advice For Co-workers

When Sweatmeat Met White Trash

Father Of The Year

Go Headbutt A Bullet

Another Reason To Hate God

I Was An Angel As A Child

Cutting The Cord With A Chainsaw

Paging Dr. Kevorkian

Keeping The Wall Wet

Declaring War On The Entire State Of New Jersey (Blame Jersey Shore)

Kindest Regards

Bring Me The Head Of Stephane Meyer

It’s Not My Fault Everything Sucks

Actually, You’re A Pussy

Second full length. Probably the most different packaging we have done so far. Someone went as far as to compare it to Graf Orlock’s Doombox. High honors indeed. We went for a hazardous materials theme, complete with warning labels and a material safety data sheet. limited run of 32 copies.

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