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Posted in Gozer, Releases, W.O.T. on February 7, 2011 by theoppositionmachine

Finally got the first W.O.T. album posted on bandcamp.  Also added a facebook page as well. Yep. Facebook pages for bands that no longer exist. Do i know how to party or what? All that info is under the W.O.T. link on the right. As I write this Gozer is getting ready to put the finishing touches on the full length and 2 new songs for the 37456 compilation. The comp drops the first week of March. The full length will get done when we get a round to it. We are busy people. More after this weekend’s recording session. Also, I had to put the kibosh on the new project. I am needed at home right now and that is where i have to direct my energies. Gozer will still be doing releases but as for a fully functional live band, I cannot do it right now. Peace.


This machine is almost operational

Posted in Feardown, Gozer, News, The Paper Street Soap Co., The Saving Private Brian Orchestra, Uncategorized, W.O.T., Wrist Cut Rally on October 29, 2009 by theoppositionmachine

Welcome to The Opposition Machine. My name is Marc Sabo and I am what some would consider a musician. I have been in various bands since 1997 and have decided to make everything I have ever recorded available here for free download. That’s right. Free. No charge. If you like what you hear you should stick around because this will also be the place where I post the new stuff I’m working on. For those of you (like me) who still like having an actual physical copy of the music you listen to, we will also be making that sort of thing available here. None of the music has been posted just yet but if you just can’t wait to hear what you’re getting yerself in to, go to the individual band pages and there should be links to each bands’ myspace page (if they have one). I hope to have everything uploaded in the next few weeks but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. I am a busy man. I believe that is all for now. Thanks for checking this out.