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Posted in Gozer, News, Releases on September 13, 2011 by theoppositionmachine

Ok people. “Grind Theft Auto” is live at the Torn Flesh archive. This download features both the Gozer and KHR sides of the split plus a new digital booklet featuring art from both halves of the original release. Go here and git yer grind on. Gozer’s last CD, “Warning..” was also reprinted and should be up in the Operation Grindcore distro in the next week or so. We also finally got to record two new songs for the Op:grind vol. 2 comp. That SHOULD wrap Gozer up for the year. Hoping to move forward on finishing Paper Street in the next two weeks. Umm…i do believe that is all for now. Special thanks to everyone for all the Gozer support. its been a crazy ass year. -Marc.