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another comp bites the dust!

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HEY! Gozer is on another comp this year. two comp appearances in one year. thats a record for us or something. This one is going down at Operation Grindcore.Preorders can be dealt with here. its $3. you cant beat that shit. Go support these bands and this kid. He’s got the start of something really cool going on here. ima stop talking now so you can go get yer copy. -Marc


one ends…another begins

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Well,  i am mailing out the gozer cds tomorrow. thanks to everyone that bought one. i love you fuckers. srsly. Hoping to finish the saga of paper street this summer. i have been sitting on that for four years now. I miss that band a lot more than i thought i would. i would not rule out the three of us working together in some capacity down the road. you never ever know. Oh shit. I am on twitter now. @distrustoppose. woot? Dont feel like writing much right now. peace.-marc