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Posted in Gozer, News, Releases on May 22, 2011 by theoppositionmachine

Ok, new Gozer rekkid is free for download on the bandcamp site. go get it for free or give me $10 for a physical copy. personally I do not care what you do either way, just if you dig it, please tell someone. we busted ass on this one and i want people to hear it. If you want to see the physical layout, go here.  I am pulling the plug on preorders in june and i am not making extras so if you want one, get in now. Special thanks to those of you that already ordered this. you guys rule. -marc.


Gozer Unleashed!

Posted in Gozer, News, Random Gibberish, Releases on May 7, 2011 by theoppositionmachine

Gozer’s new album is posted here. It’s only streaming right now. We will make it downloadable in a week or so. If you want a physical copy it will be $10. We are only taking orders for about a month so don’t sleep on this shit. We are not making extras either. Email me for details on that. We also might be getting a twitter account. More on that as it develops. In other news, our dude Cory/Kindergarten Hazing Ritual got their Fuck Capcom album released on Grindcore Karaoke. That is Jay Randall from from Agoraphobic Nosebleed’s record label. Check it out here (it is free) and while yer at it give the other releases a listen as well. It’s Jay fucking Randall. Dude obviously knows his shit. KHR also finally released Myspace is dead. Get that shit here. This should round up things for now. See you in the funny papers. -Marc