the comp is out there

The first ever 37564 compilation has been released! Go get that sumbitch right here. Gozer and WRISTCUTRALLY have songs on this thing. “For Christmas I Got You A Restraining Order” is an entirely new song written by Gozer specifically for this compilation. “Cutting The Cord With A Chainsaw” is an alternate version of a song that will be on the upcoming “WARNING: PRODUCT MAY CONTAIN GOZER” full length. “Blue Waffle Coffee at Charbucks” marks the debut of WRISTCUTRALLY, the collaboration between yours truly and Corymonster from Kindergarten Hazing Ritual. I have not heard the song since I sent it back to Cory and I am really loving how it turned out. Hope you all do too. I have started laying out the next Gozer album and that will be much easier than I thought. Mike is tweaking the mix right now but so far, so good. Once that is released, Paper Street is up next. After that, who knows? Mike and I have been talking since the new project ended and we have a lot of ideas that we are really excited about. We are considering trying to squeeze out another release this year, but with my schedule and the backlog we have going on right now, im not sure how that is going to work. 2012 will definitely bring about a new gozer release. but more on that MUCH later. all for now. thanks for stopping bye-marc.


the invisibles




new crowbar



destroyer destroyer


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