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Posted in Gozer, Releases, W.O.T. on February 7, 2011 by theoppositionmachine

Finally got the first W.O.T. album posted on bandcamp.  Also added a facebook page as well. Yep. Facebook pages for bands that no longer exist. Do i know how to party or what? All that info is under the W.O.T. link on the right. As I write this Gozer is getting ready to put the finishing touches on the full length and 2 new songs for the 37456 compilation. The comp drops the first week of March. The full length will get done when we get a round to it. We are busy people. More after this weekend’s recording session. Also, I had to put the kibosh on the new project. I am needed at home right now and that is where i have to direct my energies. Gozer will still be doing releases but as for a fully functional live band, I cannot do it right now. Peace.