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re-evaluating goals

Posted in Gozer, News, Releases, The Paper Street Soap Co. with tags , , , , , , , , , , on November 7, 2010 by theoppositionmachine

Well, if i am going to be completely honest here, it looks like both the paper street and gozer releases probably are not going to happen until sometime next year. sucks, but there is just too much personal crap going on to squeeze it in before the end of 2010. That being said, I do think gozer will probably be recording before years end, as we are slated to appear on the upcoming 37564 compilation. It is only going to be one or two songs but new gozer material is always good. And that label is good people so we are happy to be associated with this release. In other news, we are offcially on go here to check that out and add gozer to yer library and leave us a shout and whatever the hell else you do on that site. If yer not hip to, fix that shit now. it is kinda like pandora if pandora paid any respect to actual underground metal. OK, I think that is it for now. adios.-Marc