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Pre-vacation update

Posted in Gozer, News, Releases, The Paper Street Soap Co., Wrist Cut Rally with tags , , , , on September 7, 2010 by theoppositionmachine

Ok, im going to Paris for two weeks, so I am dropping a quick upate.  The Gozer shirts were a surprsing success and thanks to everyone who participated. Head over to the Gozer facebook profile to see everything. Note I said, FACEBOOK profile. When I return, I am deactivating all the myspace profiles. That place is deader than history and I do not have the time to be checking multiple profiles. Next project is the physical release of the final Paper Street CD. I’ve got something special planned for this and plan to start working on that right after I get back. The Gozer album will be dealt with after the Paper Street project. I know I said summer releases for both of these but…well…screw you. The new project has about 4 to 5 songs sketched out and we hope to start hammering those into final songs very shortly. We also lost a vocalist and still need a drumer. Mike and I are going back to handling screaming duties unless someone really wants to step up and take care of that for us. Interested drummers, get in touch. I would also like to take a moment and personally apologize to Cory for sleeping for so long on the last two WCR tracks he sent me. I plan to deal with those upon my return. I think that is all for now. Thanks for reading.