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what’s up?

Posted in Gozer, Releases, The Paper Street Soap Co., Wrist Cut Rally on August 3, 2010 by theoppositionmachine

Just a fast update. Got the preliminary mix on the Gozer full length and its pretty damn good. I am fairly certain this is getting pushed back to the fall. Gozer is also doing a limited edition shirt printing. I am doing all the work myself, so I will try and post pics so everyone can point and laugh while I struggle to get this done. Hoping to have that finished this month. The final mix of The Paper Street Soap Co. has been approved. I think this will be in the fall as well. I am probably going to do a shirt/cd combo offer so keep an eye out for that. The physical copies of the CD will be a fairly small run but as always it will be available for digital download on the bandcamp site. Cory sent me 2 new WCR tracks. Good stuff, I just do not know when I will be able to work with them with everything going on right now. I need to make that a priority. New project is going well. Three songs are half done and we still do not have a drummer. Any interested parties should contact me and I will give you more details there. I know I have not posted anything from the archives recently. I hope to get back to doing that once Paper Street and Gozer are officially wrapped up. That’s all for now. Hows the kids?