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We got updates!

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Ill make this brief.

Gozer has finished recording material for its new record. I am aiming for a summer release but everyday that goes by without it being finished makes me doubt this time frame more and more. We have also uploaded some videos to youtube. Like to hear it here it go…

The final PSSC album is pretty much finished. We are looking into getting the artwork together for a physical release and once that is ready the album will be available digitally as well. I would like another summer release but something tells me this will actually be the fall.

The new band is up and running. We have two basic song sketches hammered out and we are waiting on the vocalist to get back to us to finally hammer out the structure. Still no drummer but Joe of Feardown fame has graciously agreed to help us out until we can can get a local boy to help us out.

Two WRC songs have been bassified by yers truly and one more is in the works. Cory was suffering from writer’s block for a while but it looks like he worked it out and is back on track. I have no idea what the release schedule is for this. I just know I am having fun doing it.

Lastly, I have realised that jst updating this thing when there is band stuff to talk about will pretty much guarantee this thing will rarely get used. So to fix that I have added a RANDOM GIBBERISH catagory. If you need me to explain what this category is for you are stupid and I do not want you hanging around here anyway. That about does it. Until next time, America. -Marc