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well, its official. The Paper Street Soap Co. has closed its doors forever. heres the myspace blog post.

the end

well….im a liar….i said the hiatus wouldn’t be the end of us and it is. its been official since before christmas but i never could bring myself to announce it or say anything. But the time has come. The Paper Street Soap Co. has closed its doors for good. its sad but i feel it needed to be done. we had a good ten years and did much better than a local band that combines as many different styles as we do has any right to do in the cesspool that is the northeast ohio music scene. I want to take a moment and thank a few people and places that made our stay enjoyable.

The Avenue in Kent, Ohio: the first club to give us any love and it meant so much to us. we played a lot of excellent shows here and shared the stage with some incredible musicians. Sadly the club went under and changed into something crappy but we will always remember it as the only place in ohio to see a man set his face on fire.

Chris Hatton/Phat Ruckus/Babyman: Played a lot of shows with these guys and Chris always gave us a lot of support. Considering what an amazing musician this guy is that meant a lot. We were lucky enough to have chris help out with our last album and maybe one day before we all die we will be able to release that album.

Co-Conspirator: Hands down three *i guess four now but they were a 3 peice when we met* of the best musicians in this hellhole of a scene. their support and respect of this band meant so much simply because we felt if a group THAT amazing dug us then we must have been doing something right. That thought always kept me going whenever w e got a room full of blank stares and scratching heads. Thanks guys.

Charolostra/astronaut could fall: we played an amazing show with these guys at pats in the flats that no one saw but us and them and it was fantastic. both bands are gone now but it was fun while it lasted.

annabells in akron, ohio: the only other club to actually pick up what we were putting down. Thet gave us a lot of shows and a lot of freedom that we never thought we could get, our music being what it was. we also met a lot of cool people here. great place. great memories.

As for the future, as I referenced above, we still have a second album in the can and we will release it as soon as we feel comfortable with what it sounds like. its good stuff. Mike and I still do gozer together, and were probably gonna put out 2 releases this year with one being almost finished and the other being not far behind. We will also be starting a new band together with my old friend ken from feardown. Im not sure if eric will be joining us for this particular ride but it doesnt matter. regardless of blood ties, the three of us are brothers an always will be. I will keep everyone posted on the new/last album here and on my blog at The new project will be featured on there as well as gozer and anything else i do from now on. You can also get the entire paper street discography from there for free…once i get around to posting it. and lastly, i want thank anyone who talked to us after a show, added us on myspace, bought a cd, or just genuinely liked what we did. it meant so much to us and we appreciate it more than you will ever know. -marc

i think that covers it. In honor of its passing, “Cognitive Dissonance” will be the next album available for download. In other news, The Gozer/Cock Vomit split should be released any day now. The Gozer full length should be available before years end, and the second WCR song has been sent to cory for finishing touches. I will hopefully be better about posting to this thing in the future. Thanks for reading.